Traveling to other cities, states or countries is a great way to have new experiences, try new healthy foods, learn about unique cultures, and have lots of fun.  It’s a great time to unplug and to find some relaxation time, whether that’s reading a book, taking a nap, or walking around a new town.



salzburg, austria


Machu Picchu


Just Breathe

Days can be busy and we can be moving at a fast pace to get everything done.  It’s important to take moments out of your day to breathe deeply.  While you’re stopped at a signal, before you step into a meeting, in between emails, or when you get home take a minute to breathe in and expand your belly out then let it go.  Breathing deeply can help oxygenate your blood which can revitalize your energy.  This will also help relax your muscles so you can function better.

Just Breathe



It’s a good time to go hiking.  Make the best of the outdoors before the inclement weather comes.  This is your chance to take in some fresh air, stretch your legs, listen to the quiet sounds of nature, and enjoy time away from everyday life.  Hiking can be fun for groups as well, this way you spend time catching up with others as you’re getting some exercise.  If you want to find a good hiking trail you can always ask your friends, go to google, or even check yelp.