Clouds are an a beautiful part of life that’s often overlooked.  They provide the rain that nourishes our life and helps the environment grow and flourish.  On a different level, they allow for creativity and ever changing opportunities.  Some may think that clouds are gloomy and cold, but it’s all in the way we perceive them.  The gloom provides nurturing rain and sunny days wouldn’t be as nice without the gray days to compare them to.  The cold weather brings out the warmth in us and helps us come closer to one another for warmth.

Sometimes we can be so busy looking at what’s in front of us that we forget to look up and see possibilities.  Take a moment during the day and gaze up at the sky and create images in the clouds.  This can help calm and relax the body and mind.  If there aren’t any clouds that catch your eye you can check out the pictures at