Respiratory System

The respiratory system provides oxygen for the body to live and thrive.  When we inhale we take oxygen in through our nose or mouth.  Some pathogens or toxins are filtered out through the nose.  It travels down through the trachea to the lungs.  The oxygen moves through the bronchi tubes within the lungs until it reaches the alveoli, small sacs, where the oxygen is transported into the blood vessels and is carried to the heart.  As we exhale the carbon dioxide in our system is expelled out of our body.

The lungs are found behind the rib cage in the chest.  They are broken down into three sections on the right, upper, mid, and lower.  The left side only has two sections due to the space required for the heart.  The diaphragm is a muscle that’s attached underneath the lungs.  When it contracts air is drawn into the lungs and when it extends the air is released.


Aromatherapy and herbs can be beneficial to the respiratory system.