Skeletal System

The skeletal system acts as a framework for the internal organs of the body.  Muscles are attached to bones and they aid in the movement of the body.   The bones store calcium, transport oxygen, store fat, and produce red blood cells.  Bones will remodel themselves in response to stress.

There are two types of bone: compact and spongy.  Compact bone is usually found in the outer layers of bones and is more dense.  Spongy bone is lighter and has a porous appearance.  Bones can be categorized as long bones like the humerous (in your upper arm), short bones like the carpals (in your hand), flat bones like the skull, and irregular bones like the vertebrae (in your back).

Bones come together at a joint.  At these joints bones are attached to other bones with ligaments, which are meant to help restrict motion.  There are various types of joints such as the joint in your hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder, that allow for different types of movement.

The skeletal system can be divided into sections that include:

skeletal system

Aromatherapy can be beneficial for the skeletal system.