An adaptogen can help balance the body.  It can raise or lower functions in the body depending on the individual’s needs.  Eleuthero is an example of an herb that is an adaptogen.

Schwarzbein Principle

This is a five step road to optimum health and healing.  The first step is nutritional, including eating healthy foods, balancing meals,  drinking adequate amounts of water, and incorporating snacks into your day.  Step two deals with stress reduction and getting a sufficient amount of sleep.  In step three the individual identifies toxic chemicals like drugs and refined sugar and begins to avoid them.  A balanced exercise program for the individual begins in step four.  And, step five focuses on stabilizing hormones in the body.

This program was created by Dr. Schwarzbein.  Check out more information at

South Beach

The metabolism can be healed through this three step process.  The first step is to restrict the carbohydrate intake and help detoxify the body.  In step two, a variety of healthy foods are introduced and the body begins to balance itself.  The third step involves the act of maintaining health for life.

Sometimes you eat certain foods due to cravings, this nutritional system helps relieve those cravings and condition the body.

South Beach was developed by the cardiologist, Dr. Agatston.  For more information check out

PH Balancing

The body consists of two substances: acids and alkaloids.  Each organ maintains a specific balance of acids and alkaloids for optimal health.  It’s when these substances are out of balance that the body is susceptible to illness and disease.

Many people tend to have more acidic tendencies within their bodies.  To help the body achieve a good PH balance it’s advantageous to drink water with a high PH balance or add Himalayan salt to water.  Other foods that are alkaline include; watermelon, honey, apple cider vinegar, and lemon.  Moderate exercise can also help the body.

For more information check out the book Alkalize or Die: Superior Health Through Proper Alkaline-Acid Balance by Theodore Baroody.