It’s important to take time out of the day to relax, especially in our fast paced world.

Relaxation can look unique and different to each individual.  To some it’s enjoying a well prepared healthy meal while others it may be a warm aroma infused bath.  For those that don’t have the time, even listening to soothing music or lighting a candle and taking in its scent would be beneficial.  Exercise in moderation can also calm the brain and body.  Or even taking slow deep soothing breaths can be helpful.

If you don’t take some time out for yourself, it can lead to deterioration in health.  It’s essential to schedule some time for yourself to cultivate health and well being.  Find something that you enjoy and do it!


South Beach

The metabolism can be healed through this three step process.  The first step is to restrict the carbohydrate intake and help detoxify the body.  In step two, a variety of healthy foods are introduced and the body begins to balance itself.  The third step involves the act of maintaining health for life.

Sometimes you eat certain foods due to cravings, this nutritional system helps relieve those cravings and condition the body.

South Beach was developed by the cardiologist, Dr. Agatston.  For more information check out