During the winter season it’s important to keep warm. This can be done by heating your body from the inside out, eat foods such as oatmeal, soups, and stews.  Warm liquids like ginger tea or adding cinnamon to warm drinks is great.  Since it’s a time of illness, it’s a good idea to add extra vitamin C to your diet.  It gets dark earlier which is a sign that we should go to bed earlier and get some rest. If you do go out make sure to bundle up.  Nature is slowing down and so should we, so cozy up with a good book and enjoy.




Embrace the winter temperatures and see the wonder of Norway.  A trip to this winter wonderland may just be the cool refreshing break you need.  The temperatures don’t get much below freezing due to the warm waters that flow up the coast from the central Pacific Ocean.  You can eat some fresh fish that contain great fatty acids.  Go for a dog sled ride across the snowy plains of the country.  Watch the dancing lights of the aurora borealis paint the sky like a watercolor brush pulled across a canvas.  These mystical lights can calm and quiet the mind.  For more information you can visit